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DLCO Adjustment for Hemoglobin Concentration

DLCO = Diffusing capacity of the Lung for Carbon Monoxide)

Required inputs:

Measured DLCO

Date of birth
Day Month Year

Hemoglobin g/dl

Based on the method of Cotes1,2 as recommended by the American Thoracic Society.

1) J.E. Cotes 1993, Lung Function, 5th Edition., Blackwell Scientific Publications, London
2) J.E. Cotes, J.M. Dabbs, P.C. Elwood, A.M. Hall, A. McDonald, and M.J. Saunders.  Iron-deficiency anaemia: its effects on transfer factor for the lung (diffusing capacity) and ventilation and cardiac frequency during submaximal exercise. Clin. Sci. 42:325-33 (1972).

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